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Taiwan's unique geographical location and historical background has allowed people to listen and create a great variety of music. Taiwanese musicologists have developed this website in consideration of this cultural diversity. It is therefore divided into three main themes: aboriginal music, Han music and contemporary creation. We wish to provide the result of our researches and archives to whom is interested in Taiwan's music. This information is backed up by integration of multi-media databases, digitalization and internet or web technology. 

Aboriginal Music

Taiwan's indigenous people belong to Austronesia, and they have been divided into 13 different tribes, plus another urban tribe – the Ping-Pu tribe. Nevertheless, it is possible to have an even more detailed differentiation since new theories emerging all the time regarding this subject.


Despite their difference and evolution, aboriginal tribes hold an undoubtedly important status in Taiwan's historical civilizational development. Regarding the development of the whole Austronesia, Taiwan's indigenous people carry significant archeological meaning. Scholars consider Taiwan as one of the starting point of Austronesia. It is also closely connected to the southern Chinese culture. The development of Taiwan's aboriginal tribe's civilizations is formed by Taiwan's unique geographical location. The social institutions, religious beliefs, living habits and many other aspects of Taiwan's indigenous people display a lot of different complex systems and they are still being practiced in Taiwan.