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Taiwan's unique geographical location and historical background has allowed people to listen and create a great variety of music. Taiwanese musicologists have developed this website in consideration of this cultural diversity. It is therefore divided into three main themes: aboriginal music, Han music and contemporary creation. We wish to provide the result of our researches and archives to whom is interested in Taiwan's music. This information is backed up by integration of multi-media databases, digitalization and internet or web technology.


Han Music

Han people in Taiwan are immigrants from China since the middle of 17th century. The music they brought to Taiwan also has an intimate connection with China. As time goes by, some aspects of Taiwan's Han people's music has remained like the classical Chinese style from the Han or Tang dynasties, but other aspects of the Han music have evolved into unique styles which are different from those in today's China.

We divide Han music in Taiwan into 6 types: folk song, oral-literature performance, operas, instrumental music, dance music and ritual music. Each type has quite broad music content and they are all important heritage from our ancestors. Folk music is based on features of different tribes; oral-literature performance comes from different sources; and the combination of music, theater, or religious ritual all display the diversity and richness of Taiwan's music.