Taiwan Music Institute

TMI Library and Archive

The TMI Library and Archive (TMILA) opened in October 2003 with the aim of preserving and publicizing the cultural heritage of Taiwan's music. It collects resources relevant to Taiwanese music and opera , such as books, journals, video and audio documents, and digital databases. A comfortable reading area is provided along with an information platform for researchers and other interested parties. For increasing the musical knowledge of the public, TMILA also regularly holds themed exhibitions of its collections and hosts events to promote diversity.


Features of Our Collections

TMILA mainly collects documents relevant to Taiwanese ethnic musics, supplemented by documents pertaining to ethnic musics of the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world. The categories of the collections include folk music, narrative singing, opera music, traditional instrumental music, dance music, ritual and religious music, and newly composed ethnic music, etc. In addition to collecting material resources, TMILA builds digital databases which provide extensive information about music.

Our digital resources include “The Online Database of Taiwanese Musicians,” “The Taiwan Music Information Exchange Platform,” “Catalog and Compilation of Taiwanese Opera Audio Publications,” “Database of Chinese Opera Tunes,” “Database of Taiwanese Musical Instruments,”etc.

The physical collection contains approximately 40,000 items, including periodicals, books, and video and audio resources (such as CDs, cassettes, LPs, and so on). Documentation from research projects which TMI has commissioned and from events it has held, grey literature, and government and general publications are also collected.

Journal Resources

TMI collects more than 60 journals and about 5, 000 related items. This includes 20 journals in Chinese, 28 published in mainland China, and 18 in other languages. (The library also provides an online index of monthly-arriving journals.)


There are about 13,000 items, such as general books, reference works, rare books, scores, research project reports, and theses and dissertations.

Video and Audio

There are about 22,000 items, including disks (CDs, VCDs, documentary disks), tape materials (cassettes, VHS), and LPs.

Research Achievements

The library has conducted more than 30 research projects on the music of Taiwan's ethnic groups. Research reports include a survey of music resources and cover perspectives on Taiwanese musicians, indigenous music, Hakka and Taoist music, nanguan , beiguan , narrative singing, and so on. These are important primary resources on the history of music in Taiwan.